Want a drawing of your character?

I'm open for commissions of your characters no matter the class, race, or RPG game. Want to see your Half-elf bard brought to life in full colour? Or maybe you're a DM with some plot-critical NPCs that you'd like your party to see the face of. You might even have a special magic item or particular custom weapon that you want to immortalise forever in visuals. 

I'm open for commissions with a variety of options for every need and price-point, so don't wait to get in touch. Check out my Commissions page for full range of character styles, prices and details.

Bunches of more exciting D&D stuffs is coming soon, so watch this space!


All images are copyright Victoria Hill unless otherwise stated.
You may not use any illustration for any purpose without written consent from the Artist.
For licensing / commission / or general inquiries please fill out the contact form.

© 2020 Vic Iddstar Hill

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