I welcome commissions for favourite or original characters, likenesses and other creative ideas and projects. These are generally for personal, non-profit and non-commercial uses (Please contact me in advance to discuss other uses. Art is not to be printed and/or redistributed for profit and must not be edited*).

Prices are for a single character piece. Prices vary for additional characters depending on the complexity.

​* Cropping and resizing the image (e.g. profile pic) is fine. An image ‘Edit’ would constitute a change to the overall look of the image, e.g. adding lineart & drawing on top of it; editing colours; removing the signature/date/watermark; or incorporating it into other work. If in doubt, or if you have specific needs to do this, please contact me for clarification.

Digital artwork, file only.
Canvas size will be: 3000px x 3000px (300 DPI) unless specified otherwise (price may vary)

Will Do:
-Oc’s and D&D characters

Will not Do:
-unethical/offensive stuff
(I reserve the right to decline a commission that i deem inappropriate)

Payment via Paypal (required upfront)

I’m currently taking commissions in slots of 2 at a time. if slots are full I can add you to my waiting list.



  • Illustrations (Books, CDs, DVDs, etc.)

  • Promotional artwork (posters, and marketing material)

  • Conceptual artwork (books, films, games, projects, etc.)

  • Graphic Design Pieces (logos, marketing material, etc)


Prices for commercial illustration pieces are dependant on details of the commission – e.g. size, details, licence for use, etc.

If you have a question or would like a quote for work please read the FAQ’s section below for more information or contact me.


Will you draw my favourite character?

I will happily draw any requested subject provided it does not include any of the following:

I will not draw:

  • Themes promoting bigoted views (e.g. racism, sexism, etc)

  • Themes of an unethical nature (e.g. animal cruelty)

I reserve the right to refuse a commission that I deem offensive, unsuitable or unethical.

How soon can you get my commission done?

Commissions are booked by slots and are completed on a first-come-first-served basis unless priority is specifically arranged.

Completion time-frames are subject to my availability and existing commission list. I will advise you of my estimated completion time, or whether or not a piece will be completed by a specified deadline prior to any payment or commitment to the commission.

Can I have a copy of a commission you did for someone else?

No – I consider requesting a commission as a request for a unique piece and feel that all commissioners should retain the right to exclusivity. Unless discussed/arranged with express permission from the commissioner, I do not provide copies of previous commissions.


I may repeat the content/composition of a previous commission if requested, but this will be a new illustration and not an exact copy.


All images are copyright Victoria Hill unless otherwise stated.
You may not use any illustration for any purpose without written consent from the Artist.
For licensing / commission / or general inquiries please fill out the contact form.

© 2020 Vic Iddstar Hill

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