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Some are complete, some ongoing and some early works in progress.


Of Dungeons & Dragoones

A fantasy adventure webcomic that chronicles the adventures of a group of mismatched, reluctant adventurers thrown together against their will.

(Printed issues coming soon)

Duncan Potterly's Extensive Compendium of House Monsters

Duncan Potterly's family doesn’t believe him when he tells them there are monsters in their house, so he has taken it upon himself to catalogue all that he has found so far.


He Owl

A charming, all-ages picture e-book that you can download for free or whatever you feel like paying via my Gumroad channel.



Short webcomic one-shot about a lone hero protecting their city.

Unchronicled 2 Cover.jpg


A trilogy of comic books about a fanboy who gets the chance to trade places with the hero of his favourite video game franchise.

Ivy in the Dark

(in development)

A  graphic novel about a little girl named Ivy, who has the misfortune of being the most recently selected candidate for her village's annual ritual sacrifice to the gods.

Other Webcomics: